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BN Kabu, a concerned counter insurgency veteran he feels that corruption, lack of training and accountability among the police is a major impediment in India's war against terrorism.

"Police Leadership In India has become completely secular"

Mr. H.P.Bhatanagar, Ex-DG BSF

  Team Nishan corresponded with a former IPS officer from the 1954 batch from Rajasthan cadre. During his tenure as IG BSF at the Punjab frontier in the mid eighties he took an outright stand against fake encounters by Punjab Police and issued clear cut directions to BSF troops deployed on Internal Security Duty in the state of Punjab, to not to be party to use the illegal act of the fake encounters to eliminate suspected sikh terrorists .

The former cop was very vocal on his stand against the policy of "Bullet for bullet" HP Bhatnagarthat had added further fuel to the fire. We questioned him as to why he was against encounter killings, was it his religious upbringing or something else? He shrugged his shoulders and smiled and gave his answer in very straight words "I knew my job very well and had complete belief on abilities and training of my men and wanted to do my own job of a Police officer, rather then usurping the role of judiciary, how can we as police officers become judges." We try usurping these roles when we lack in our own professional competence and wish to demonstrate our performance of being effective. When asked him what did he mean by "Police leadership having become secular", He had a hearty laugh and put it very softly"Seculra means they all believe in only one religion and that is religion of money. All your problems are due to this root cause.

HP Bhatanagar with Team Nishan-Jo

Punjab Police-Injustice with Impunity-Indian Police Service

Kamaljeet Singh

In an unprecedented development, two sub inspectors posted in the intelligence wing of Punjab Police tendered their resignations which have now been accepted This is the latest example of the disharmony created by Punjab Police within their ranks through the issue of out of turn promotions. Both Rajinder Singh and Kamaljeet Singh are science graduates who have in their view been subjected to a blatant violation of the rules when, despite their 20 years of service and adequate training they have been overlooked promotion in favour of much junior officers.

S.I.Kamaljeet Singh and S.I.Rajinder singh, who were posted with intelligence wing of the state police expressed their disagreement with the corruption in the form of out of turn promotions.

S.I.Rajinder Singh

Both the crusaders had joined Punjab Police service in the year 1989 as Assistant Sub Inspectors and currently hold the post of Sub Inspectors but people who were enroled as constables have been promoted out of turn to the ranks of inspectors with complete disregard to merit and length of service

Team Nishan has taken up the issue and expresses complete solidarity against this injustice and working out a strategy to make it part of PRPP campaign.

Times of India 05th Feb 2010



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