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Nishan campaigns are sustained through community donations and private donations of individuals. The goodwill of community leaders those who are actively associated with the campaigns are our greatest strength and asset for resource mobilization from the masses to implement campaign strategies. Team Nishan is indebted to following community leaders for their private donations.

Donors of the year 2015(1st Jan 2015-31 Dec 2015)

1.08 Jan 2015,Sardar Harvinder Singh,Noida,Rs-5000/-(Rs.five Thousand)

2. 15 Jan 2015,Sardar Pawan Jeet Singh Sekhon,BRS Nagar,Ludhiana, Rs.9000/-(Rs.Nine Thousand)

Donors of the year 2014 (01 Jan 2014-31 Dec 2014)

1. 30 Jan 2014 Commodore C.Udaybhaskar - Rs.5001/-(Rs.Five Thousand and One)

2. Sardar Jeewan Singh, Bairsal, Karnal - Rs.3000/-(Rs.Three Thousand)

3. 08 Feb 2014 Smt.Pratima Jha, Seema Apartments, Dwarka,New Delhi- Rs.5000/-

4.26 Feb 2014 Sardar Baldev Singh Dhillon, Mohali - Rs.5000/-(Rs.Five Thousand )

5. 25 March 2014 Sh.Ashok Sharma,Advocate, Kurukshetra- Rs.500/-(Rs.Five Hundred)

6.01st May 2014 Sh.Gajender Singh Chaudhary, DIG, Ex-BSF- Rs.2000/-(Rs.two Thousand)

7. 23 April 2014 Capt. Ramesh Kumar,Ex-DIG, New Delhi- Rs.11011/-( Rs.Eleven Thousand and Eleven).

8. 04th June 2014 Capt.Ramesh Kumar,Ex-DIG, New Delhi-Rs.5000/-(Rs.Five Thousand).

9. 13th November 2014, Mrs.Jyoti Sekhon,BRS Nagar,Ludhiana-Rs.9000/-.

10. 13 Nov.2014 Sardar Pawan Jeet Singh Sekhon,BRS Nagar,Ludhiana-Rs.9000/-.

11. 13 Nov 2014 Sardar Satnam Singh Bhanwara(Montreal) Rs.5000/-.

Donors of the Year 2013 (01st Jan 2013-31 Dec 2013)

1. Capt.Ramesh Kumar,Ex-DIG,New Delhi  - Rs.25000/-(Twenty Five Thousand)

2.Trigon Synergies Pvt.Ltd. New Delhi - Rs.10,000/- (Ten Thousand)

3.S.Sukhvinder Singh Gill,Gurgaon - Rs.3100/- (Thirty one Hundred)

4. Marshall Advertising Co. New Delhi- Rs.100000/-(One Lakh)

5. S.Parminder Singh Bains,DIG, BSF- Rs.5000/-(Five thousand)

6. Vijay Pal Singh,Meerut-  Rs.55000/-(Fifty Five Thousand)

7. Sh.Ajai Singh,DIG,BSF - Rs.10,000/-(Ten Thousand)

8. S.Amandeep Singh,Patiala- Rs.2500/-(Twenty Five Hundred)

9. S.Onkar Singh Maan,Hoshiarpur- Rs.5000/-(Five Thousand)

10.S.Paul Sahota, Gadhdiwaal,Hoshiarpur- Rs.5000/-(Five Thousand)

11.Sh.Gajender Singh Chaudhary,D.I.G. BSF - Rs.1000/-

Donors of the Year 2012 (01st Jan 2012-31 December 2012)

1. S.Hardev Singh Booter, Sasauli, Yamunanagar-Rs.1000/-

2.Ashok Kumar Kamboj, Radaur, Yamunanagar- Rs.3100/-

3.Sardar Mehma Singh, Ladwa, Kurukshetra- Rs.1000/-

4. Smt.Sushma Chandra, New Delhi- Rs.2500/-

5. Smt.Sarita Tyagi, New Delhi- Rs.1000/-(Rs.One Thousand)

6.Saradar Jarnail Singh Thind, Inspector General,New Delhi- Rs.5000/-(Rs.Five Thuosand)

7. Sh.S.K.Singh, D.I.G. Rs.2000/-(Rs.Two Thousand)

8. Sh.Harikishan Meena, Ex-BSF, Rs.11000/-(Rs.Eleven Thousand)

9. Sardar Gurdeep Singh, White House, Kurukshetra- Rs.2000/-(Rs.Two Thousand)

10. Sh.Dalbir Singh, Panchkula-Rs.2100/-(Rs.Twentry One Hundred)

11.Capt. Ramesh Kumar, Ex-DIG- Rs.5000/-(Rs.five Thousand)

12.Sardar Inderjeet Singh Randhawa, Supdt. of Police(Punjab Police) Rs.1000/-(Rs.One Thousand).

13.Sh.Sant Kumar Singh, D.I.G.Police(Punjab Police), Rs.10000/-(Rs.Ten Thousand).

14.Saradar Balbir Singh Bal, Balkonha(Punjab), Rs.5000/-(Rs.Five Thousand)

15. Saradar Baldev Singh Dhillon, Mohali, Rs.2000/--(Rs.Two Thousand)

16. Sh.J.K.Singh, DIG,NSG- Rs.2000/--(Rs.Two Thousand).

17. Capt.S.J.Singh,Ex-BSF, Gurgaon- Rs.11000/-(Rs.Eleven Thousand)

18. Pintu, Kurukshetra, Rs.500/-( Rs.Five Hundred)

19. Sardar Gurvinder Singh Booter,Sasauli, Yamunanagar-Rs.5000/-(Rs.Five Thousand).

20. Sardar Jaswant Singh Booter,Sasauli, Yamunanagar-Rs.1000/-(Rs.One Thousand).

21.Sardar Sukhwinder Singh Booter,Sasauli, Yamunanagar-Rs.1000/-(Rs.One Thousand).

22.Smt.Manju Sharma, Yamunanagar-Rs.500(Rs.Five Hundred).

23. Sardar Randhir Singh Chaudhary, Yamunanagar-Rs.500(Rs.Five Hundred).

24. Sh.Rakesh Sangwan, Inspector, Delhi Police- Rs.5000/--(Rs.Five Thousand).

25. Sh.Vijai Pal Singh, Merrut-Rs.2100/-(Rs.Twenty One Hundred Only)

26. Sh.Vinod Pradhan, Rajjapur, New Delhi-Rs.1100/-(Rs.Eleven Hundred only).

27. Sardar Gurvinder Singh Booter, Sasauli, Yamunanagar, Rs.13750/-(Rs.Thirteen Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty).

28.Sardar Baldev Singh Dhillon, Mohali- Rs.5000/-(Rs.Five Thousand)

29. Captain Ramesh Kumar,Ex-DIG, Rs.5100/-(Rs.Five Thousand One Hundred Only).

Donors of the Year 2011 (01st Jan 2011-31 December 2011)

1.Ms.Kamlesh Manhas, Noorpur, Himachal Pradesh-Rs.4000/-(Rs. Four Thousand)

Donors of the Year 2010 (01st Jan 2010-31 December 2010)

1. Captain Ramesh Kumar, Ex-DIG, Rs.12200/-(Rs.Twelve Thousand two hundred for Laser Printer & Flat bed Scanner.

2. Sh.Loknath Nagpal, Lineman, BSNL, Kurukshetra, Rs.1000/-(Rs. One thousand)

3. Anonymous Auto Driver, New Delhi- Rs.80/-(Rs.Eighty).

4. Dalit Foundation Delhi- Rs.2000/-(Rs.Two Thousand).

5. S.Randhir Singh Chaudhary, Yamunanagar, Rs.5000/-(Rs.Five thousand).

Donors of the Year 2008 (01st Jan 2008-31 December 2008)

1.Sh,Sumit Katyal, New Delhi- Rs.11000/-(Rs.Eleven Thousand)

2.Sh. Satvir Singh Sivach, Najafgarh-Rs.51000/-(Rs.fifty One thousand)

3. Capt.Ramesh Kumar, DIG, New Delhi, Rs.11000/-(Rs.Eleven Thousand).

4. Capt.Deepak Kumar, Bahadurgarh- Rs.2000/-(Rs.Two Thousand)

5.Sh.Sumit Raman, New Delhi- Rs.51000/-(Rs.fifty One thousand).

6.Major Kanan, New Delhi- Rs.5000/-(Rs.Five Thousand).

7.Sh.Vinod Aggarwal, Rajjapur, New Delhi-Rs.21000/-(Rs.Twenty One thousand)

Donors of the Year 2007 (01st Jan 2007-31 December 2007)

1. Capt. Ramesh Kumar, DIG, New Delhi-Rs.11000/-(Rs.Eleven Thousand)

2. S.Jarnail Singh Thind, DIG, New Delhi, Rs. 5000/-(Rs.Five Thousand)

3.Sh. Ravinder Kumar Pinta, Kurukshetra, Rs.20,000/-(Rs.Twenty Thousand)

4. Sardar Bhagat Singh Neelu, Sasauli, Yamunanagar- Rs.1000/-(Rs.One Thousand).

5.Sardar Balwinder Singh, Punjab- Rs.8000/-(Rs.Eight Thousand).

Donors of the Year 2006 (017th Mar 2006-31 December 2006)

1. S.Gurinder Singh, Guri, New Delhi- Rs.10,000/-( Rs.Ten Thousand)

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