Army General joins the crusade- A true reason to celebrate May day

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Soldiers never retire and this is what is proved by Major General Surjit Singh AVSM,VSM,FNAE . A veteran of three wars who served in the Indian Army for four decades. Latterly he has served as chairman of the army pay commission and pursued his interest in writing.Our over all campaigns in general and Police Reforms Peoples Perspective Campaign(PRPP) in particular got further impetus with General Surjit Singh joining the Team of crusaders.

Team Nishan and its thousands of associates spread across the length and breadth of globe warmly welcome Major General Surjit Singh AVSM, VSM, FNAE to Team of crusaders. Maj Gen Singh though had been supporting and guiding our campaigns but his formal joining of the team further strenthens our bond with him and his fellow warriors who have been commiting their time and energies in our crusade against corruption and on journey to democratize Indian governance institutions as panacea to all its evils that have made this democracy biggest sham. He has written over four books including "The Soldiers' 2nd Innings" which also touches on the structural pot-holes of the Indian Police.

Members of Team had the honor and the pleasure of meeting with the Major General at his home in Chandigarh on Saturday, the first of May. As a true Army General who keeps duty before everything else, General missed an important social function to welcome the crusaders and shared his ideas that come from his vast experience with Indian army and later corporate world.

Maj Gen Surjit Singh struck us as a wise and kindred spirit whose sage advice has the ability to eternally inspire us. During our conversation the General highlighted the importance of new, interactive media for our website which we hope to launch in the very near future. The Major General also kindly put us in contact with key military figures who can help us along in our journey to democratize the governance institutions and police in particular. Finally, Maj Gen Surjit Singh stressed the issue of Indian road safety. He has conducted much research on the subject and brought to our attention that a shocking 3% of the GDP is lost due to road accidents and fatalities. Nishan was greatly inspired by the Major General's passion for this issue and plans to incorporate road safety into our campaigns in the future.

Maj Gen Singh also became the first person to write in our Campaign book. The Campaign book was inspired by a similar book our Team of crusaders was invited to sign at Ding Police Station in Sirsa. It is a way for our Team to collect the views and expressions of solidarity from those vigilant citizens of India who have the drive to fight injustice deep rooted in their spirit.

On PRPP Campaign book General writes:-

"I think you all have undertaken a tough task. But I see a missionary zeal in your team. We in India need lots of people to help us in creating social awareness. I am sanguine that you will be able to make a difference. I believe in God - and I think He will help you. I am honored to be the first name in your book...and I'm humbled by your gesture. May the Lord help you."

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