Workshop-Police Reforms Peoples' Perspective-25th Feb 2012

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A joint workshop in colloboration with Department of Public Administration, University of Kurukshetra and Team Nishan held at R.K.Sadan at Kurukshetra university campus. The joint workshop was 1st of its kind in the country where front line police officers from each police station of district Police kurukshetra, members of district bar association, Municaipal councillors and community leaders and the heads of social and religious organization participated and as a sequel to the work shop founded the Kurukshetra Vigilant citizens committee for security and justice to monitor the long term sustainable reforms in security and justice sector through participatory campaigning.

Workshop-Police Reforms Peoples' Perspective-25th Feb 2012

After the joint workshop Sub Inspector Jai Narayan from Kurukshetra district police addressing the media

On 25th Feb 2012, Team Nishan along with Department of Public Administartion, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra created history by organizing 1st joint workshop with participation of grass root political leadership, members of Bar association, community leaders and members of district police kurukshetra from each of the ten police stations in Kurukshetra district and begin a creative dialogue among all the stake holders for democratization of Haryana Police to make it public led.

The speakers highlighted current police power structure and its attendant work culture that is outcome of colonial police founded by British colonial rulers to keep Indians under surveillance and crush every voice of dissent with brutal force to perpetuate the Raj of British empire. Unfortunately, inspite of 65 years of departure of British rulers, the policing practices, procedures and protocols continue unabated and Top police leadership has further deteriorated it by promoting rempant corruption and shielding the culprits of police brutalities and justifying the criminal police acts.

Chairman of sociology department from Kurukshetra University apprecaited the event drawing lessons from French revolution that ended fedual power structure and the later journey of western Europe turning into progressive democracy. he was optimistic that this initiative is welcome sign of India's transition to become one of the most vibrant democracy in a very short span of 65 yeras as compared to 200 years of time taken by western democracies.

The speakers from Haryana Police lauded the initiative and believed it to be the sign of true partenership with public to win over the trust of public that seems missing at the moment.

The community leaders and grass root political leasership expressed its complete solidarity and trsuted that it will make police public led and play a vital role in winning over the trust of public on police.  

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