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The Adventure and Leadership Camp


Rafting at Unsung Heroes Camp 2007The ‘Unsung Heroes’ Adventure and Leadership Camp is held annually for the widows and children of men who sacrificed their lives while serving their country in the police/armed forces.  These widows and children have lost the emotional and financial support of the head of their family and endure the difficulties of living in a society where they are stigmatised and excluded. 

During these camps, we endeavour to generate awareness on human rights and dignity, impart career guidance and motivation and develop leadership skills in the participants. We hope that these children will possess a greater awareness of the society in which they live and become advocates of a better future.


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 Unsung heroes group pic hotel

We hope to inspire these young children to become our foot soldiers that will not only refuse to passively observe the misdeeds of human right violators, but also, serve as contributors of peace in society and exemplary dignified citizens.


 River rafting 2009





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Punjab Kesari 17 June 2009

 Dainik Bhaskar 11 July 2009

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