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 Stories of the "Unsung" warriors

The society always remembers the martyr who made the supreme sacrifice and at times if the deceased was fortunate enough due to prevailing circumstances, he /she may get the spot light of media but in majority of cases of central armed forces it never happens. The real war begins after the death of the bread winner and the dependents face the apathy of the society.

“When bad men combine, good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle”

Edmund Burke 

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In memory of Jaswinder Singh, IPS, Deputy Inspector General who became victim of unprofessional police practices in the country, the policig practices and the subsequent coverups that go beyond the boundaries of organized crime. The officer was killed by the bullet of his own protection guard in the state of Orissa on 23 Oct 2006 and left behind two school going sons and grieving widow.

23rd Oct 2006 was like any other day, Mrs.Paramjit kaur had received a call around 0915 Hrs.from her husband about his proceedig to supervise a Naxalite surrender in Raigarh.

By 1230 hrs. she received another call from her husband's mobile phone but it was made by Supdt of Police Raigarh informing her that her husband had been shot, she urged them to save him at every cost but she was told that He is no more.

None of the family members could go to see the body of Late Jaswinder sigh for post mortem and they received the dead body on 25th October evening and they performed his last rites on 26th October Morning.

Later they went to the place of ocurrance and talked to villagers in local language about the police encounter with naxalites that lead to the death of her husband and all the village people said was that nothing claimed by police was true about the said naxalites encouter, yet the villagers were also taken to court by the police the next day to testify over something that did not happen.

Training is the biggest casuality in Indian policing system and keep taking its toll with the lives of those, whom it is supposed to protect. It could be excessive use of force by police or staged encounters, everywhere it is the innocent citizens of this country who pay the price with thier precious lives. Every Police constable on the streets armed with sophisticated automatic weapons without regular training and effective police leadership, becomes a big security hazard for commonman on the streets with death just a bullet away.







Team Nishan visited Ms.Paramjit Kaur the widow of deceased police officer at her father's village, village Nawan Pid Shonkian in Punjab on 05th April 2007 and learnt the whole story from her. The apathetic bureaucracy did not even spare this widow and her family, inspite of the passing of more than 10 months, they were yet to receive any pension from the government. Team Nishan obtained the necessary documents from her and approached personal contact Mr.Vikram Singh,IPS,Addl.DG CISF to activate his own contacts in Orissa Police and succeeded in waking up the sleeping police leadership to release the pension to the widow.

The widow has been provided with meager family pension of Rs.12838/- per month due to the lack of policy on extra ordinary pension that is followed in Central Police Organizations and Armed Forces.

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