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Our country has always been and continues to be full of heroic people from all walks of life who sacrifice their lives in selfless service to keep alive the spirit of resistance to injustice. It is too often the case that these heroic leaders and their families are forgotten, even neglected, by society. The mission of the Unsung Heroes Campaigns is to recognize and provide these families with a dignified space to revitalize and develop themselves into future leaders.


When we as a society fail to recognize these martyr’s sacrifices, we communicate a message of abandonment and discouragement to those who have been left unprotected as a consequence of their parents’ fight for a noble cause

The moment a child loses a parent, s/he loses invaluable emotional and financial support, and a deep sense of insecurity pervades his/her young spirit. Losing a parent creates a void in a young child that can never be filled again. We believe that if provided with the right support, these children will want to fight to bring positive changes in society just as their parents did.

Undoubtedly, if a victim is met with indifference, s/he will grow resentful towards his or her society, and feelings of hatred will easily and understandably develop, creating a vicious cycle of hate and revenge.

This campaign looks to redirect those feelings into pride and create motivation to perpetuate principles of improvement for our society. We at Nishan firmly believe that it is our responsibility, as a country and a collective, to provide these children with the opportunities to build up their potential, and recognize the sacrifices made by their heroic parents.  

“Society is sustained not by those who do miracles, but by those ordinary people of extraordinary courage, goodwill and sacrifice who keep waging their lone battle and we tend to forget them.”


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